Discovering April in Thailand: A Detailed Guide for Travellers

April in Thailand offers vibrant festivals, sunny days, and fewer crowds than the earlier months of the year. Ideal for beach enthusiasts, culture lovers, and wildlife watchers, it’s a unique time to experience Thailand’s diverse attractions.

Embracing April In Thailand: What To Expect

This month offers a blend of rich culture and stunning natural beauty. Let’s look at what awaits across Thailand this month.

  • Warm weather: April is the hot season with temperatures peaking around this time. The scorching midday heat might feel overwhelming, but the lively atmosphere that emerges with the evening will more than make up for it.
  • Festival bliss: April in Thailand is synonymous with the vibrant Songkran festival. Translated as ‘passage’, it marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year. Be prepared to get soaked in water fights that break out in streets across the nation. 
  • Budget-friendly travel: In April, the cost of living in Thailand usually drops by roughly 30% compared to the peak tourist season.
  • Beach season par excellence: This period is ideal for a beach holiday, with sun-drenched days, warm waters and breezy nights creating the perfect coastal escape. 
  • Flora and fauna: While April marks the end of the dry season, rainforests radiate with colour, and wildlife is particularly lively. This period is ideal for lovers of nature.

Visiting Thailand in April offers a mix of cultural exploration, cosy beach time, and thrilling encounters with wildlife. Remember your sun cream and enjoy the balmy weather!

Thailand has three seasons, the cool, the hot and the wet, April is in the middle of the hot season which continues until May. Prepare to be hot and a bit sweaty!

During this season, many parts of Thailand, especially on the east coast and the mainland, frequently experience temperatures soaring above 30 degrees Celsius. But it’s not just the heat, the humidity can make it feel at least 5 degrees hotter.

The average humidity in Thailand in April is around 75%

Some areas may start receiving short, sporadic bursts of rainfall in April. However, you’ll mostly enjoy clear blue skies perfect for exploring.

Grand Palace, Wat Pra Kaew on a sunny day

The islands on the Andaman side of the coast generally experience cooler, more temperate weather, with occasional short but intense periods of rain, creating a refreshing change to the heat of the day.

Temperature & Rainfall In April

CityAverage High (°C/F)Average Low (°C/F)Rainy Days
Koh Samui31/8725/7710
Chiang Mai36/9722/717
Hua Hin33/9124/758
Check the official Thai Department of Meteorology for current advice.

Thai Public Holidays In April

Songkran Festival 

First and foremost in the calendar this month is the renowned Songkran Festival, often known as the Thai New Year’s festival. Taking place from the 13th to the 15th of April each year in 2024, public holidays will fall on 15 and 16 of April to make up for it being on a weekend.

Water fight on the streets of Silom district as part of the Songkran festival
Everyone joins in the Songkran fun

Besides Songkran, there are no other public holidays or special days of observation this month.

It’s as hot as it gets in Thailand in April and you will definitely want accommodation with air conditioning and a pool! It’s worth knowing the pros and cons of an April trip to Thailand: 

The Advantages

  • Experience Songkran: April is the month of Thailand’s famous water festival where locals and visitors alike take part in a countrywide water fight to ring in the Thai New Year. It’s difficult to put into words just how much fun this event is. Basically, everyone is game for a good soak!
  • Hot weather: It’s perfect for beachgoers and sunbathers. You’ll get plenty of bright sunny days, making it a perfect time to get that golden tropical tan or explore the crystal clear waters of Thailand’s idyllic islands.
  • Less tourist traffic: As it’s not traditionally considered ‘peak season’, there are notably less tourists around. This means less crowded attractions and better deals on accommodation and activities.

The Disadvantages

  • The heat: If high temperatures and humidity aren’t your thing, the weather in Thailand in April could prove uncomfortable.
  • Unexpected rainfall: While April commonly sees less rain than other months, inconsistent weather patterns could bring sudden showers.
  • Songkran: This could also be a disadvantage if you’re not a fan of large crowds or getting unexpectedly wet! It’s practically impossible to avoid the water fights.
  • Burning seasonThe air quality index in Thailand in April ranges between moderate to unhealthy due to agricultural burning. Inhaling this level of air pollution isn’t great for your lungs, so travellers with respiratory issues are advised to take extra precautions during this time. While this mainly effects the northern region air quality in Bangkok can also be impacted.

Essentially, a trip to Thailand in April promises a unique blend of scorching sun, vibrant festivals and a genuine taste of Thai tradition. The main thing to consider is whether you can cope with the heat and occasional rain, and whether you’re game for the lively and earnest spirit of Songkran celebrations.

Is it busy in THailand in April?

This month sits comfortably in the shoulder season for tourism in Thailand, which means it isn’t jam-packed with international tourists like in the peak travel months, but it’s not deserted either.

However, due to the occurrence of the nationwide Songkran events in mid-month, certain cities, particularly Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, can see an influx of both domestic and international visitors.

What makes Thailand special in April

First and foremost, Thailand’s Songkran Festival. This water festival marks the Thai New Year celebration. It features a spirited atmosphere filled with fun, water fights, and processions that symbolise purification and the washing away of sins and bad luck.

During Songkran, the streets pulsate with joy and laughter, making it one of the best cultural experiences to witness. See our guide to what to expect from Songkran here.

Thai elephants animals in Khao Yai National Park

The month is also fabulous for observing Thailand’s wildlife. Visit the national parks like Khao Yai or Khao Sok, and the chances of spotting rare birds and animals, such as Asian elephants, increase significantly. With lush vegetation, it is an ideal time to enjoy hiking or taking nature-filled boat trips. 

So, despite the heat, Thailand in April – with its fantastic mix of cultural extravaganzas, sunny beaches, abundant wildlife, and less crowded attractions – proves itself as an appealing prospect for a fulfilling spring getaway.

Being prepared for your trip to Thailand in April will ensure that it is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. Consider these points:

  • Being prepared from the climate: Ensure to pack lightweight, breathable clothes, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • Brush up on your Thai weather vocabulary: The weather plays a crucial role in Thai culture and conversation, so why not immerse fully by learning a few local weather-related phrases?

You’ll often hear Thais mention ‘Prawn Rorn’ (hot weather) and ‘Fon Tok’ (rain). It’s a great way to break the ice in local interactions! 

  • Add some indoor fun: It’s the perfect time to explore Bangkok’s museums, art galleries, and also visit some of the world’s best malls.
  • Savour the fruity delights: Thailand’s exotic fruits are a highlight of any visit. In April, you’re in for a treat with special seasonal fruits like mangoes, watermelons, and pineapples available aplenty.

There are definitely good and not so good choices for a trip to Thailand at this time of year. Choose well and you will have an amazing holiday. 

Southern Thailand and the Andaman coast

  • Khao Sok National Park in Surat Thani: Teeming with wild beauty and exotic animal species, this park will provide you with a unique April adventure in Thailand. From floating cabins to tree houses, there is all range of accommodation on offer. 
There are a variety of floating cabons near Khao Sok
  • Chumphon: April is a fabulous month to explore the exquisite province of Chumphon. Mu Ko Chumphon National Park, a breathtaking lush area featuring many stunning islands, untouched pristine beaches, and diverse marine life, is perfect for a visit in April.

Which are the best Islands to visit in April?

The Weather in Thailand in April with its warm average temperatures and calm clear waters makes an ideal environment for beach lovers. Here are some of our top choices from the west coast beaches: 

  • Phuket: Considered as one of Thailand’s most popular west coast beach destinations, the month of April offers a warm days, with a good chance of rain in the late afternoon.
  • Simian Islands: This is the last month for diving off the Simian Islands. From Mid May the weather becomes unpredictable, and the island closes until October.
  • Krabi: With its dramatic coastline and striking limestone karst formations, Krabi is a spectacle to behold in April’s sunlight. There will be short thunderstorms, but these generally clear up quickly. 
  • Koh Samui: Koh Samui, on the eastern side of the peninsula, offers a peaceful and charming experience with less rainfall in April than either Phuket or Ko Chang, making it perfect for a Thai beach experience.
  • Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai: When the beach beckons, ditch the usual spots like Phuket or Pattaya and plan some island hopping to Koh Yao Islands in Phang Nga Bay. Conveniently located between Phuket and Krabi, these islands maintain their quiet, idyllic nature despite their accessible location.

See our island hopping guide for more detailed advice.

Central Thailand In April

Bangkok: The capital is a good choice at this time of year. You can duck inside when the heat gets the better of you. If you plan trips to Ayutthaya or Kanchanaburi, expect hot days and plan to cover sites over 2 days for a more comfortable visit.

Eastern Thailand Islands & East Coast Beaches

The islands of Koh Chang and Ko Lipe are great choices in April, while they receive more rain than other spots it’s not enough to spoil your holiday and the temperature and lower crowds are perfect.

Northern Thailand in April

We don’t recommend visiting Northern Thailand in April. The heat and the burning season make it totally unpleasant and even unhealthy, especially for anyone with asthma or heart conditions. 

April is prime for wildlife exploration in national parks, with increased chances of spotting Asian elephants and migratory birds.

The iconic Asian elephant: The Southern National Parks of Kui Buri National Park and Khao Sok are good choices. 

Bird watching paradise: Thailand is a bird-watching paradise with over 1,000 species recorded in the country. The rich biodiversity peaks in April with the arrival of many migratory birds. Head to Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand’s largest national park for the best action.

Bird Photographer in Kaeng Krachan National Park
Bird Photographer in Kaeng Krachan National Park

Marine life: Visit Richelieu Rock off the Similan Islands. The emerald waters here are teeming with diverse marine life, from white tip sharks to the elusive manta rays. Because the currents can be challenging, this site is recommended for advanced divers. 

Green turtle spotting in the Similan Islands
Green turtle spotting in the Similan Islands

Alternatively, beginner divers may prefer to explore the lively coral gardens of Phi Phi Islands or Koh Tao.

Essential Travel Tips for visiting Thailand in April

If you plan to visit Thailand in April, knowing what to expect can ensure your holiday is a good one. Here are some essential travel tips for an April adventure. 

  • Stay hydrated: April in Thailand can be incredibly hot. Always carry a water bottle with you and drink plenty, especially if you’re planning to spend much of the day exploring or engaging in outdoor activities.
  • Wear appropriate clothing: In such temperatures, opt for light and breathable garments. However, remember to respect local customs, particularly when visiting temples or religious sites where modest attire is required. Always have a light scarf or wrap on hand for such occasions.
  • Protect yourself from the sun: With high temperatures come stronger sunrays. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen with a high SPF regularly, wear hats and sunglasses for protection, and consider carrying a portable fan to help cool down.
  • Embrace local culture: April is a significant month in the Thai cultural calendar. It’s important to respect and observe the local customs, especially during Songkran.
  • Make use of local transport: Public transport can be a convenient and cost-effective, giving you an invaluable insight into everyday local life.
  • Face masks: Consider wearing a face mask if travelling to area. An N95 mask can filter out microscopic dust particles and provide a significant amount of protection against unhealthy air conditions.

Packing for an April trip to Thailand

Visiting Thailand in April means you must come prepared. Pack sunscreen, hats and lightweight clothing handy to protect yourself from the fierce Asian sun. Also consider that April marks the commencement of Thailand’s rainy season. A travel-size umbrella or a raincoat could become your lifesaver during unexpected downpours. 

So now you are ready to start planning your April visit to Thailand where you will find a blend of engaging traditions, stunning sights and eclectic wildlife. Despite the occasional showers, with a little preparation you’ll thoroughly savour your incredible Thai adventure. Happy travels!