The idea for the Thailand Awaits was born from late-night wine-aided conversations between two travel writers who despaired of finding travel planning articles containing quality content, quality writing, and up-to-the-minute local information.

Thailand Awaits is a part of the Travel Hub Media Group, founded by an anthropologist and award-winning writer and cultural anthropologist Monique Skidmore and an Expert Travel Media writer and publisher Paula Morgan.

We love Thailand and have been living and visiting for over 30 years! We are supported by a team of journalists and local writers from all over the country so that you can be sure you are getting up-to-date information about what’s happening in this diverse country.

On Thailand Awaits you can

  • Get inspiration
  • Plan your trip
  • Design the perfect itinerary
  • Book with confidence
  • Travel safely

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Meet some of our local experts

Richard Reardon

Richard (Rich) is a freelance writer and scuba diving instructor from England and now lives in Southern Thailand. 
“I have spent the last twenty years traveling and working throughout South East Asia. For around half of that time, I’ve been based in Thailand. Thailand stole my heart, and I hope my writing will encourage you to find out why!”

Brian Hammel

Brian Hammel, originally from the suburbs of Boston now lives and works abroad, adventuring, discovering, and writing.

He has been based in Chiang Mai for 4 years and loves nothing more than jumping on his bike and exploring the less-known spots in Northern Thailand. On a day off work, you will usually find Brian jumping into waterfalls or finding a mountain to tackle.

Brian Hamel Thailand Awaits writer