Simple THAI words and phrases for traveling in THAILAND

Being able to say some simple Thai words and phrases will help you connect with locals more easily. When you attempt to use their language, it shows a level of respect for their culture. In this article you’ll find the very best, but also the simplest, Thai words and phrases to help you on your travels around Thailand.

Male and Female Sentence Endings

It’s much easier to start a conversation with a local if you can say hello and introduce yourself in Thai. Most visitors to Thailand don’t learn more than one of two words, so you will make a big impression with just a few more!

Just remember:

  • If you are male you end your sentences with khrap
  • If you are female you end your sentences with khaa

Simple Thai Greetings

These words are simple enough for everyone to master.

  • Hi/Hello sa-wat–dee
  • Yes châi
  • No mâi-châi
  • Bye la-gon
  • See you later jer-gun
Thai dessert menu, Thailand
Thai dessert menu

Polite phrases

Learn one or two of these – nobody likes to be rude.

  • Excuse me / I’m sorry kor-tot
  • Do you speak English? kun pûut paa-sǎa ang-grìt dâi-mǎi
  • I only speak a little bit of Thai – pûut paa-sǎa tai dâi nít-noi
  • Can you repeat that slowly please? – kun pûut chát-jeen gwàa-níi dâi-mǎi
  • Please gà-rú-naa
  • Thank you kop-koon

Guidepost, Wat Phra Kaeo, Bangkok, Thailand
Guidepost, Wat Phra Kaeo, Bangkok, Thailand

Shopping and dining in Thailand

  • How much does this cost? an-níi tâo-rài
  • The menu, please Aow meenuu noi
  • I’m a vegetarian chǎn mâi gin nʉ́ʉa-sàt
  • I would like….. chǎn yàak
  • Water nam
  • Wine Wịn̒
  • Beer Beer
  • Can I have the bill/check? gehp dtung
  • Where is the bathroom? Hong nam yoo tee nai khrup/ka?
Food court, Central Festival Chiangmai, Thailand
Food court, Central Festival Chiangmai, Thailand

Thai words to use for travel and tickets

  • How do I get to…? chǎn bpai…yàang-rai…
  • I would like to go to___ chǎn yàak bpai_____

If you would like to learn some more Thai before you visit, there are plenty of options from printed language guides to websites and apps.

Learn Online

Convenient, simple, and provided to you in little bites – modern online learning apps and courses are often free – or at least to start out with.

They are also created like games are -to quickly reward you for your successes to motivate you to keep learning.

Here are a few great options if you’d like to feel a little more comfortable in the Thai language before your trip:

  1. Duolingo – This is always where I start with a new language. Duolingo is free and it makes learning a language fun.
  2. Memrise – Also free, Memrise has tiny videos of people speaking the words so you can see their expressions and the way they say the words. It’s also true to the speed that Thais speak.
  3. – there are lots of free lessons to get you started with this well-structured course and you can then pay a small amount to keep learning.

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