Unearthing the Best Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok [2024]

It’s hard to choose the best Thai cooking class in Bangkok if you know little to nothing about Thai food let alone the schools operating in Bangkok. We asked local and self proclaimed good cook our writer Stephen to share his tips and help us choose the best class for our next visit. 

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In my 7+ years in Thailand, I’ve had the fortune of being taught to cook by friends, partners, and their parents and grandparents, and I’m the first to admit that I cook great Thai food.

Many visitors to Thailand won’t have that luxury, but that’s where the Thai Cooking Schools come in. Bangkok has some exceptional schools, and if your itinerary permits, a half-day class is something you’ll benefit from well into the future.

Thai cooking isn’t that difficult; once you understand the subtle balances of the unique flavours, you’ve nailed it. Every one of the following cooking schools can provide you with all the skills you need to cook as well as I do, even when you return home.

Duration: 3-7 hours l Rating 4.9/5

The Blue Elephant has a fascinating history. Chef Nooror Somany studied in Belgium, where she met and fell in love with Karel Steppe, an art dealer and visionary. Together, they opened the restaurant in Brussels in 1980. In 2002, she returned to her home country and opened The Blue Elephant Restaurant and Cooking School in Bangkok in a century-old mansion in the heart of Sathorn.

All the classes are taught by people Chef Nooror has personally trained, and the recipes are all created by her. 

What happens in a Blue Elephant Cooking Class

The day begins by meeting at the Michelin-recognised Blue Elephant Restaurant. If you’ve chosen the morning class, you’ll head to the local market to buy fresh ingredients for that day’s cooking. When you return, a brief theory class prepares you for your culinary adventure. 

Your class includes an introduction to the key flavours in Thai food.

After that, it’s aprons-on and time to get busy. Once you’re done, you’ll have participated in creating a 4 or 5-dish extravaganza. Finally, enjoy the meal you’ve prepared with your new-found cooking friends in the restaurant.

The Blue Elephant cooking classes range from 3 to 7 hours, depending on the day you want to go.

The experience doesn’t end there. You’ll be presented with a certificate and all the recipes of what you’ve cooked, so you can recreate them when you get home. 

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How to Get to Blue Elephant Cooking School

Blue Elephant is conveniently located right next door to the Surasak BTS station (5 stops from Siam Central). It’s on the main Sathorn Rd in Sathorn.

If you are travelling to Phuket, you can also join a Blue Elephant Cooking class there.

Duration: 4 hours l Rating 4.9/5

The Maliwan Thai Cooking School team wants every class to be informative, practical, and, above all, fun. You’ll leave with the secrets of Thai Cooking, a full stomach, and a big smile on your face. Adults and children are welcome in a small 6-person environment. The kitchen is state-of-the-art, and all the chefs are professionally trained. 

The Maliwan Thai Cooking Class

The session starts with a quick meet-and-greet at the school before jumping in Tuk-tuks and heading out to the local food market. You’ll buy all the ingredients you need for the day’s cooking there. Once back at the school, your head chef will demonstrate the first two dishes you’ll prepare.

Next, it’s your turn. Don those aprons and get busy. The chef will be hovering about, ready to offer any assistance they can. Once these first two dishes are prepared, it’s time to head into the dining area and sample what you’ve produced.

After it’s over, you’ll be presented with a certificate proving you’re a legitimate Thai cook!

That’s not all, you get to do it all over again; head chef will demonstrate the next two, then you get back into the kitchen again. 

The Maliwan Thai cooking class runs for four hours; choose from a morning or afternoon session; both feature a visit to the local market.

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How to Get to Maliwan Thai Cooking School

Maliwan Thai Cooking School is two streets from the famous Khao San Road. It’s a bit of a walk from the MRT station at Sam Yot, however the ferry terminal at Phra Artit is only 10 minutes walk. 

Duration: 3.5 hours l Rating 4.8/5

The House of Taste Thai Cooking School in Sathorn is an excellent choice for a fun half-day in the kitchen and the opportunity to make four dishes, including curry paste, from scratch. 

The menu changes daily, so if you have the luxury of picking a day, check out the options. If the options aren’t available on your only available day, consider a private class rather than a joined one. You get to choose the menu you want to cook. 

No matter which option you choose, you’ll leave educated, full, and with secret recipes to take home.

The House of Taste Thai Cooking Class

The class begins at the school, and the morning tour includes a trip to the local market to buy fresh produce for the day’s activities.

The chef will provide full recipes, and they’ll be on hand to guide you as you get busy in the kitchen.

3.5 hours later, you’ll be eating your very own prepared food, and be ready to go home, a semi-qualified Thai cook.

House of Taste offers a range of classes, including an advanced cooking class or a fruit carving one. The 3.5-hour class is the most popular. Choose from a morning, afternoon, or evening option — a fruit carving demonstration for the afternoon and evening classes replaces the market visit.

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How to Get to House of Taste Thai Cooking School

Like the Blue Elephant, House of Taste Cooking School is also located in the culinary suburb of Sathorn. Get off at BTS Saint Louis Station and walk 8 minutes down North Sathorn Road into Pan Road. 

Duration: 3 hours l Rating 4.9/5

Tingly Thai Cooking School is named after the school’s owner, Mr Tingly. As a tour professional in Bangkok, he realised that some visitors preferred less expensive cooking classes in a less formal setting than a restaurant. So, 6 years ago, he established the Tingly Thai Cooking School. 

Everyone gets hands on at Tingly Cooking Classes

The classes are taught in a relaxed style, and the emphasis is on fun and camaraderie with your fellow cooks. You’ll learn the secrets of Thai herbs and spices and get to cook some of the most well-known Thai dishes. 

what happens in this Class

The Tingly Thai Cooking School is next door to the local market. Morning attendees will join the chef in picking out the fresh produce that will be used for the entire day.

The chef will demonstrate how to prepare each meal, hand over the recipes and wander around helping out as you do the bulk of the cooking. You’ll learn how to make curry paste from scratch and other Thai secrets.

Once the meals are prepared, enjoy a communal dining experience with your new culinary best friends.

Take the recipes home with you and show off your new cooking skills to your friends.

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How to Get to Tingly Thai Cooking School

Tingly Thai Cooking School is located in the Bangrak neighbourhood, very close to Silom. The nearest BTS station is Chong Nonsi, a 15-minute walk away. Or take a taxi to the Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse and walk a few meters down Soi 22.

Duration: 4 hours l Rating 4.7/5

The Pink Chilli Thai Cooking School is a bit off the beaten path in Bangkok. It’s located south of Bangkok in On Nut, just off Sukhumvit Road. The name comes from the pink chilli, which isn’t as hot as the red one and is commonly preferred by tourists who aren’t quite used to the burning sensation that Thai people love.

The classes have a maximum of twelve students; you’ll make some new friends and share in the joy of cooking together. In 4 hours, you’ll learn to cook 4 authentic Thai dishes. Every day has a different menu, but whatever day you attend, you’ll be taught how to make curry powder from scratch.

What to expect in a Pink Chili Class

Begin at the school before heading off to the local On Nut fresh market, practically on your doorstep. Your teacher will explain how to know which produce is the freshest and the best one for the dishes you’ll be preparing.

Head back to the school and into the kitchen. Your chef will demonstrate what to do and then hand it over to you as she walks around to be on-call to anyone who needs it.

After you’re done, enjoy your meal together.

Both the morning and afternoon classes feature the market tour, making the choice for you one of convenience only.

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How to Get to Pink Chili Thai Cooking School

It’s only a 10-minute walk from On Nut BTS station to Pink Chili Thai Cooking School. It’s around 25 minutes from Siam Central BTS station, so factor that in. You don’t want to be late for the market tour.

See! You don’t have to spend years learning from family and friends in Thailand to get a good grip on Thai cooking. In around four hours, you’ll be equipped with enough knowledge — and the recipes, to go home and show off to all your friends.

My tip is to book a class that includes the market tour; learning how to choose the best produce, herbs, and spices will significantly assist you when you try shopping back home.

About the author: Stephen left Australia in 2016 with a one-way ticket to Thailand
and hasn’t been back since. Seven years later, he’s “living the ex-pat dream”, married and settled down; he and his partner travel across Thailand competing in half-marathon running events and sampling coffee at cafes.