Don’t miss these top Phuket Sunset Spots

Catching a Phuket sunset is easy to do, this place delivers some of the best we have ever seen, so today we share some of the best sunset spots on Phuket so you can add a few to your itinerary.

After a tough day lying on the sand at one of Phuket’s gorgeous beaches, what better way to reinvigorate yourself for the evening ahead than by sipping a gin & tonic as the setting sun paints pastel shades in the sky?

If spectacular sunsets are part of your holiday plans, then Phuket will definitely deliver. The entire west coast of Phuket Island is dominated by tourism, and chances are your hotel will be in a great spot to watch the sun dip into the Andaman Sea as the afternoon turns to evening.

But, if you want that truly iconic Phuket sunset picture to bring your Instagram feed to life, then there are a few prime locations dotted along Phuket’s coastline that will afford you a better chance of snapping that sublime shot as the sun sets.

But first you should decide what type of sunset experience you are craving –

  • a rooftop bar
  • a beach bar
  • a do-it-yourself affair on the beach.
  • a local viewpoint
  • Or maybe you are looking for a different sunset photo, with a plane swooping down to land.

All are options, and all will give you an excellent chance of watching a beautiful sunset. So, let’s start with the high-end options and work our way down to sea level with the beach options.

Baba Nest Rooftop Bar, Cape Panwa

For one of the more exclusive and sophisticated sunset experiences in Phuket, head to Cape Panwa, between Chalong and Phuket Town in the south-east of the island.

Phuket Sunset Baba Nest
Baba Nest Rooftop Bar is a favorite Phuket sunset spot

This stunning headland juts out into the ocean, offering stunning views back over Chalong Bay and Coral Island. And if you turn around, and the conditions are good, you may even get a glimpse of the Big Buddha statue shrouded in sunset hues.

At Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Resorts, you will find the exclusive Baba Nest rooftop bar.

The bar’s iconic infinity swimming pool and chilled setting is the perfect location for sunset drinks, but be aware – you should reserve yourself a table in advance as this is a much sought-after sunset bar location with limited seating, and tables fill quickly.

Phuket sunset from the pool at Baba Nest

Quote: If you are driving yourself to this area from elsewhere in Phuket, follow signs for Cape Panwa or Laem Panwa – ‘laem’ is the Thai word for ‘cape’, as in ‘headland’.  

Where: 88 Sakdidej Rd, Wichit, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket

Kata Rocks Restaurant and Bar

Not too far from Cape Panwa, in the south-west corner of Phuket, lies Kata Beach and its smaller sibling, Kata Noi Beach. Nestled on the small headland between these two beaches is where you will find Kata Rocks’ restaurant and bar.

This opulent resort boasts an excellent dining and bar area, oft touted as the best bar to watch the sunset in Phuket, with fine dining and its own distinctive brand of locally distilled gin—Kata Rocks Gin.

If you have a special day to celebrate during your stay in Phuket, the Kata Rocks’ day-pass will allow you to enjoy a day of luxury by the infinity pool, capped off with an awe-inspiring sunset and a deliciously decadent dram (or two).

As with Baba Nest, if you’re planning sunset at Kata Rocks, reserve a table in advance, or get there nice and early or better still, be in-house guests.

Where: 186/22 Kok Tanode Road, Kata Rd, Mueng, Phuket

Sunset Grill

If you are looking for a little more than a cocktail as the sun goes down, the Sunset Grill at the Hyatt Regency Resort offers delicious food as an accompaniment to the sunset.

The restaurant sits high on the headland to the south of Kamala Beach, looking out over the Andaman Sea, Sunset Grill often features highly on lists of the most romantic restaurants in Phuket.

If you have a birthday or special occasion to celebrate, you won’t be disappointed with either the dining or the spectacular sunset vista. The Sunset Grill is another place where it is highly advisable to book in advance.  

Where: 16/12 Moo 6 Tambon Kamala, Chang Wat, Amphur Kathu, Phuket

Beach Clubs

If you are planning your Phuket sunset drinks as the beginning of an epic night out and want some excellent beach vibes to set the mood and start the evening in style, then maybe you should check out Phuket’s beach clubs.

Tann Beach Club Kamala Beach Phuket
Of all the beaches on Phuket we have watched the sunset, Kamala is our favourite.

There are a few to choose from, but the most well-known and popular are Catch Beach Club, Tann Beach Club and Café del Mar. All are on the water’s edge, and are perfect for watching the sun set whilst sipping an ice-cold beer amidst a sophisticated-yet-chilled ambiance. 

The Phuket sunset from Tann Beach Club Kamala Beach
The sunset from Tann Beach Club Kamala Beach

Café del Mar

Café del Mar is found at the northern end of Kamala Beach, and is also a great spot for sunset photography. At the northern end of the beach, there are some sea-smoothed boulders half buried in the sand that serve as a foreground focal point for your shots of the sun hitting the clear waters.

Where: 118/19, Kamala, Kathu District, Phuket, Thailand

Catch Beach Club

A little farther north from Kamala Beach, on Bangtao Beach, is Catch Beach Club. This family-friendly beach club is another great place for a relaxing sunset as the DJs play chilled out sunset tunes. An extensive cocktail list, delicious menu, and its excellent location make Catch Beach Club a firm favorite with visitors and ex-pats alike. 

Where: 202/88, Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket

Beach Bars

For a more low-key but still stunning Phuket sunset, you can easily find a chilled-out beach bar with great cocktails, no dress code, and a west-facing view at most of the tourist beaches on Phuket.

Sunset Happy Hour at Smile Bar Kamala Beach

Reggae Bar in Kata Noi

One such location for a sunset beer is the Reggae Bar in Kata Noi. Another bar popular with ex-pats and tourists, it’s a great place to wind down with a chilled Singha with the sounds of soft reggae and the waves lapping the shoreline.

Looking out at the sunset from Reggie Bar Kata Beach

If you’re looking for a relaxed sunset away from the masses, there are a string of bars built over the water as you leave Patong to the north. Take the coastal road which goes to Kamala Beach, and on your left-hand side you will see these small bars built on stilts at the water’s edge.

These bars are often quiet at dusk, and you can enjoy the sunset colors hitting Patong as you look back along the coastline. 

Wassa Homemade Bar

If you are in Patong and the trip to Radar Hill seems a little too far, then why not pop by Wassa Homemade Bar?

Situated on Soi Ha Sip Pi (‘soi’ is the Thai word for a small road) in the Patong foothills, this bar is much easier to reach from Patong Beach. But the road up is a little steep in some places. If you are driving yourself here, the southern entrance to Soi Ha Sip Pi is a gentler drive than the steeper northern entrance. But still, drive carefully and make sure your brakes are in good working order before setting off.

The bar itself is a nice, relaxed place for a beer and a bite to eat, and the views over Patong Bay are epic. Wassa Homemade Bar is one of the more convenient places for a sunset, especially for those staying in and around Patong.  

Where: 3150 52 Soi Rat Uthit 200 Pi 2, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket
When: 4:30pm-12:30am

Traditional View Points

Phuket Big Buddha

No trip to Phuket is complete without a trip to see the impressive Big Buddha statue. Often busy during the daytime, it’s worth considering combining a trip to Big Buddha with a sunset photo shoot by visiting in the late afternoon.

Sunset at the Big Buddha

Enjoy the immense statue as the temperatures cool, and then, as the sun gets lower, find yourself a spot to watch the setting sun. Big Buddha is easy to reach and is close to Kata, Chalong, and Rawai. The statue is well signed, and the road up is well maintained, with plenty of parking at the top.

From here, the views are incredible, with vistas of Kata, Chalong, and Promthep Cape, and you will be in the perfect place to get a stunning shot of the Buddha silhouetted against the sunset – perhaps the ultimate Phuket sunset photo!

Where: Karon, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket
When: 6am-6.30pm

Radar Hill Viewpoint

This is a superb sunset viewing spot that is usually very quiet but offers outstanding panoramas of Phuket Island.

It’s one of the higher viewpoints in Phuket, and being a little out-of-the-way and requiring a little more effort to get to, it’s rarely busy.

From Radar Hill, you will see out across Patong Bay. But, also look behind you—if the weather is favorable, you may get a good view of Phang-Nga Bay too.

The viewpoint is high in the hills above Patong, and to get here, you need to approach from the far side—from the east, close to Wat Chalong. The road up to the viewpoint itself winds through the jungle, and there will be plenty of superb views before you reach the highest point.

From the parking site, you can wander a little higher up still, but don’t go too far. There will be a sign warning you when you have reached the end of the line. A little farther up from the viewpoint is a military outpost, which is why the very top of the hill is out of bounds and you should not venture past these signs. 

Where: Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83120, Thailand

Promthep Cape

A popular area for tourists visiting Phuket is Promthep Cape, or Laem Promthep. This small peninsula can be found close to Rawai, in the south-west of Phuket.

Phuket Sunset Promthep Cape

A beautiful landscape and a great ocean view make Promthep Cape another sunset favorite. Head for the lighthouse for some amazing views and stunning photo opportunities. This location can get a little busy, especially during the peak season. There is plenty of parking here, but often there are tour buses lined up at the roadside.  

Where: Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83100, Thailand

Karon Beach and Karon Viewpoint

Heading back up the coast a little from Promthep Cape will bring you to the Karon Viewpoint. From Karon Viewpoint, you can see the three bays to the north – Kata, Karon, and Patong. This is a brilliant spot for a photo at any time of day, and again, it may get busier here as the sun gets lower in the sky.  

Karon Beach features a wooden pier that looks even better at sunset

We captured this shot of Karon Beach from the bar at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in Karon Bay.

Where: The official address of the viewpoint is 4233 Karon, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83100, Thailand

Mai Khao Beach

And now for something completely different… The runway at Phuket International Airport is literally a stone’s throw from the ocean, with the sand of Mai Khao Beach the only divide between the two.

As Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, and the drive to the airport in the north of the island can take an hour or more, many travelers opt to spend their last night on Phuket close to the airport – at Mai Khao.

We didn’t time an aircraft take off but still loved sunset at Mai Khao Beach

This is a great idea if you have an early morning flight and are still looking for that killer sunset photo. You can sit on the beach here and be directly under the flight path as the planes swoop down onto the runway, allowing you to snap an excellent shot of the sun setting behind an airplane moments before it lands or just after take-off. 

So, all-in-all, Phuket offers some great opportunities for some excellent sunset views. Charge your phone/camera, drive safely, and enjoy the fiery skies.

Tips for catching the best Phuket sunset

Check the sunset time and try to get to your chosen location around 60 minutes beforehand. Photographers call this period the ‘golden hour’ and once you shoot at this time of day, you will understand why.

Kamala Beach Swing Phuket
Kamala Beach sunset

Also, keep an eye on the weather; but with either a clear or cloudy sky, Phuket will still deliver breathtaking sunsets. And don’t leave as soon as the sun dips below the horizon — the colors will continue to change and dance across the skies for a while to come.